I am excited to invite you to a special evening at the Pint of Science Festival in Bonn, where I will be presenting a talk on “Improving Quality of Life: How Wearable Technologies Can Help with Epilepsy.” Join us on May 13th as we explore groundbreaking advancements in wearable devices and technologies designed specifically to aid individuals with epilepsy.

In my role as the leader of the research group “Personalized Digital Health and Telemedicine,” I will share insights into the newest wearables, from smart bracelets to innovative touch-free technologies. We’ll delve into how these tools are currently improving safety and ease of life for those with epilepsy and discuss the ongoing research needed to extend their benefits further.

The session, titled “Connected Thoughts: From Lab Bench to Life,” will include two other enlightening talks, offering a deeper understanding of the latest in neuroscience and health technology. Experts from the networks iBehave and NeurotechEU will also present, providing a broad spectrum of knowledge and advancements in our field.

Please join us for an engaging and informative evening. The talks will be conducted in German. For more details and to register for the event, visit the session page here.