InVirtuo 4.0 establishes the new interdisciplinary research profile of in-virtuo research in intensive cooperation between computer science, media science, cognitive neuroscience and clinical psychology researchers. In addition to in-vivo, in-vitro and in-silico methods, in-virtuo experiments in which people interact with virtual environments will enable decisive breakthroughs in experimental research.

InVirtuo 4.0 will address the media, social, and ethical problems associated with this intended paradigm shift from a media science perspective and, through collaboration between the participating disciplines, will have a productive effect on their work on central disciplinary challenges. An essential component is the systematic opening of access to the unique European hardware of the Visual Computing Incubator for the acquisition and creation of digital twins at the University of Bonn.

Supported by colleagues from TU Dortmund University, computer scientists in Bonn will use this to further develop methods for setting up virtual research environments and make them easier for other disciplines. Joint model projects, strengthened by a (self-)reflective media science perspective, will demonstrate the transformative potential of in-virtuo research and thus lay the foundation for collaborative research projects.

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